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Unfair Comparisons

What makes a great leader? Presence? Credibility? Probably all of these things & more. But what are they?

If you read enough books, you’d think being outgoing & openly confident.

But what if this just isn’t you? Does this mean you’ll never get to where you want to be?

Not. At. All.

Presence, Credibility; compared to who?

If you’re a keen cook but compare yourself to a Michelin starred chef,

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Your thinking won’t get you to the next part

My kids don’t believe me that there used to be a phone number that you would ring to find out the time.

That’s not the only thing. You could add to that vinyl records, cassette players, pay phones in big box on every street, I could go on.

The pace in which things change is mind blowing. For example, the year 2000 was 21 years ago. Yes, you read that right.

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My Dad’s a straight talking, no nonsense engineer. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out his parenting style.

When I got my first car, a bit of advice, well not so much advice, more instruction, was never let the fuel light come on. If it’s on, means crap in the tank is now being pumped around the system, impacting performance.

That ‘advice’ makes me think about how many times we let our light come on.

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I’ve noticed friends on social media who seem to justify what they’re doing at the moment. ‘Met a friend, I was socially distanced!’ ‘Went to see my Mum, I stayed outside!’ It’s got me wondering why & I think I know.

Fear of criticism & a lack of trust.

What’s happened to some of us this past year? Some take great delight in commenting negatively about others. Why?

Well unfortunately,

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Be a Probabilist

When things are uncertain, how do you react, what do you do?

You may just accept that it’s unpredictable, need to deal with what’s in front of you. Or you may have a well thought out plan, exactly for this occasion, indeed all occasions.

These tend to be the norm. Well, there’s another way & if you recognise it, you’re known as a Probabilist.

Imagine you’re stood in a square,

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Happiness & Resilience

I read a research paper recently that aimed to look at the relationship between happiness & resilience.

It set out to test the theory that the happier you are, the more resilient you are & the more resilient you are, the happier you are.

Made sense to me, sounds absolutely common sense. But I was a bit surprised to find out the results & I think they will be a great help to you,

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Domino Leadership

We’ve probably all done it. Set of dominos, lined them up and pushed the first one, watching them all topple over. Slightly mesmerising, always impressive. Especially when you get creative, loops, bridges, twin tracks.

Oooo, get me!

Anyway, you’ve probably also heard of the domino effect too; a cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events.

So, here’s a thought. Instead of using dominoes, let’s use behaviours and people.

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What’s reality?

The film director Richard Curtis once said, “If you make a film about a man kidnapping a women & chaining her to a radiator for 5 years – something that’s happened probably once in history – it’s called searingly realistic analysis of society. If I make a film like Love Actually, which is about people falling in love & there about a million people falling in love in Britain today, it’s called sentimental presentation of an unrealistic world.”

Global society at the moment is pretty restricted.

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The essential ingredient of trust

My Grandad would always say that a bacon sandwich without brown sauce isn’t a bacon sandwich. “Brown sauce boy,” he would say, “is essential.”

I love that. The thought that something can make another even better. That it’s essential to bringing out the very best.

Well for me, Trust, is one of those essential ingredients.

Think of relationships, jobs, decisions, ideas. Now imagine them without Trust.

Trust is an essential ingredient to most things,

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Be someones difference

Have you noticed recently, that when you ask how someone is, you tend to get the same response. No matter who you ask.

It’s a kind of, slight shoulder shrug, nose scrunching, eyebrow raising thing. Every day’s the same, all rolling into one, doing exactly the same as I was yesterday and the day before and the day before type of response.

It’s all a bit Groundhog Day. (For those less than 25 years old,

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Relationships & Showing Care

We all know that relationships are key. We feel connected & appreciated. We can be open, vulnerable, not have to pretend.

But it’s hard at the moment. Lot’s are remote, interactions are virtual. In a recent survey, 71% of managers are finding it hard to build relationships.

So what can we do? Try Showing Care.

Look at a relationship you have. Score 1-10.
1 there is no relationship,

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Measure People Differently

People don’t half get on your nerves don’t they! They wind you up, they stress you out, they don’t listen, do whatever they want.

Well, that’s what we tell ourselves. The more we tell ourselves, the more we notice it. There’s a name for it. Psychologists call it ‘Conformation Bias’.

So, if we notice these things & they get on our nerves, which means we are stressed & tetchy, how useful is that?

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Leadership; Personal Resilience

Things just don’t seem to be improving, it’s tough for so many reasons for so many people. We are tapping into our inner resources so much & we’re all aware of the word resilience even more so than before. So what is resilience?

Well there’s so many different definitions & contexts, so for this let’s go with;

“leaning into yourself or others during times of difficulty so that you can become stronger”

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Leadership; Easy isn’t the answer

How many times have you been asked to show someone how to do something? They need to do it & you are the one that knows it best. It’s a great compliment isn’t it? Recognised for your knowledge & ability. Makes you feel valued.

You start to explain, but it doesn’t seem to land with them. They find it hard to do it. Maybe it’s your explanation? Maybe it’s them? One things for sure,

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Self Leadership – Adopt a Growth Mindset

I’m sure that whoever is reading this believes that you’re always learning, that you can always improve and develop. Well did you know there’s a theory about that?

It’s called a Growth Mindset and was coined by Carol Dweck.

At this moment there’s not much positive news. We’re all feeling constrained, we’ve got zoom fatigue, we have to plan those things that used to be spontaneous like visiting friends and family.

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Self Leadership – focus on your strengths

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way that you carry it.” CS Lewis

We all face challenges. Every day. Some big, some small, but challenges none the less. But what is a challenge?

Challenge can have a negative perception for some. It means burden, adversity, difficulty. Those perceptions may be true, may be false, but they are that person’s reality & that reality is negative.

Your perception,

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Leadership Self Efficacy; dealing with adversity

We often think that adversity is a one-off event, so severe it takes every ounce of our focus. It can certainly be that, but it’s one version. It actually comes in many forms.

It impacts some more negatively than others. Same event, different perspectives. Some struggle, some flow through.

It seems risky to some, paralysing them, but for others, hardly makes them pause.

It has no plan or schedule.

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Leadership Self Efficacy; build success and resilience

Success directly impacts the way we feel about ourselves. As leaders we are often expected to bring in huge, strategic, long term goals which take time and success can be a while off, impacting the view you have of yourself. So, try these;

Look out for quick wins.

Do things that you like to do.

Set small, achievable goals.

Do one thing at a time to completion.

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You want maximum impact? Then be nice.

Imagine this.

You’re sat at your desk, in your office, with your mobile by your side. You’re tapping away at the keyboard and your phone rings. On the screen it shows the name of your boss. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

Something positive? Something negative?

Now imagine this. You pick up your phone and ring one of your team. Your name appears on their screen as it rings.

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