The essential ingredient of trust

My Grandad would always say that a bacon sandwich without brown sauce isn’t a bacon sandwich. “Brown sauce boy,” he would say, “is essential.”

I love that. The thought that something can make another even better. That it’s essential to bringing out the very best.

Well for me, Trust, is one of those essential ingredients.

Think of relationships, jobs, decisions, ideas. Now imagine them without Trust.

Trust is an essential ingredient to most things,

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Be someones difference

Have you noticed recently, that when you ask how someone is, you tend to get the same response. No matter who you ask.

It’s a kind of, slight shoulder shrug, nose scrunching, eyebrow raising thing. Every day’s the same, all rolling into one, doing exactly the same as I was yesterday and the day before and the day before type of response.

It’s all a bit Groundhog Day. (For those less than 25 years old,

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