Relationships & Showing Care

We all know that relationships are key. We feel connected & appreciated. We can be open, vulnerable, not have to pretend.

But it’s hard at the moment. Lot’s are remote, interactions are virtual. In a recent survey, 71% of managers are finding it hard to build relationships.

So what can we do? Try Showing Care.

Look at a relationship you have. Score 1-10.
1 there is no relationship,

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Measure People Differently

People don’t half get on your nerves don’t they! They wind you up, they stress you out, they don’t listen, do whatever they want.

Well, that’s what we tell ourselves. The more we tell ourselves, the more we notice it. There’s a name for it. Psychologists call it ‘Conformation Bias’.

So, if we notice these things & they get on our nerves, which means we are stressed & tetchy, how useful is that?

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Leadership; Personal Resilience

Things just don’t seem to be improving, it’s tough for so many reasons for so many people. We are tapping into our inner resources so much & we’re all aware of the word resilience even more so than before. So what is resilience?

Well there’s so many different definitions & contexts, so for this let’s go with;

“leaning into yourself or others during times of difficulty so that you can become stronger”

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