If you want it, then work for it.

There’s no doubting that some sports stars get paid an incredible amount of money to do what they do. In comparison to the average person it is indeed truly staggering amounts. If you believe the reports in media, some weekly wages exceed what some people can earn in 10 years.

As with anything, opinion divides. There are some who believe that these salaries are obscene, others believe they are deserved. Let’s remember though that we are talking about high profile,

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Damage Leadership

I just had a quick look on Amazon at the Leadership books. In various formats there are 32,000. If I read them all it would take me roughly 10 years. It made me wonder just how many books, articles, blogs have been written on the subject of Leadership. It’s a subject that so many people strive to learn. They want to become great Leaders, it has such an enormous impact. I mean it’s even got me typing a capital L every time I type Leadership!

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