If you want to be understood, then you have to understand

Have you ever spent time explaining something to someone? You know, you talk them through it in detail, explain what you’d like to happen, ask them if they understand. Then they go away and do something. Unfortunately that something has very little resemblance to the something you expected! Happens quite often doesn’t it.

The thing is how often do you then feel annoyed? The time and effort you put into explaining it, you even asked them if they understood,

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Do I really need to do it?

Have you ever been ask to do something or presented with an opportunity and your initial reaction was one of apathy? Maybe you think it’s going to be boring, a gigantic waste of your time. Maybe you don’t really want to take time out of your busy day to do something that you believe will add no value to your life at all. Maybe you think that the idea is an absolute non starter anyway and why are you stringing this idea along?

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How wealthy are your relationships?

When was the last time you behaved in a way that you were less then proud of? We’ve all been there haven’t we, snapped at someone, made a decision so that we benefited at the expense of someone else, broke a promise, the list could go on. Let me say I am coming from the assumption that we didn’t do these things out of malice, we did them in a moment of weakness, that our negative emotions were winning.

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What’s your super power?

I’ve seen lots of articles, tweet and blogs asking people what their super power would be. Often the responses are predictable, like flying, invisibility and mind reading. It’s funny that we often get drawn to those things that we read in comics or watch on movies, we associate super powers with super hero’s and unless you wear your pants outside your trousers, you’re not going to fly on your own! It is the pants that do it isn’t it?

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The moment before the moment

There’s always a moment isn’t there. You know, that point just before that decision, before that thing you say, before that thing you do. It’s so quick, hardly measurable, but it’s there. The moment. We bet you know what we’re talking about too. The problem is, you’re probably aware of it because straight after the moment, things went wrong. What were you thinking?! Why did you say that, to them, in that way?! You always notice the moment when things go wrong.

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