We believe that one size most certainly does not fit all. Individuals, Teams, Organisations have many different needs. Some are obvious, some are subtle and because of this Learning and Development programmes need to be explored, discussed and agreed together.

Building A Partnership

Here at Fabric Learning we like to really explore exactly what our clients want from the very first meeting. It’s here, through discussion and questions, that needs are identified, objectives and desired outcomes formed. This first phase is vital in getting to know our clients, what they do and how and then for them to get to know us, how we can support them and enhance their people and their business.

Diagnose & Design

Wherever possible we like to spend time in our clients business, getting beyond the job descriptions and really understanding the essence of what it is people do, how they do and why. This enables us to design a programme that achieves exactly what’s needed to move the business forwards, to help everyone make sense of the learning and how it relates to what they do. If it makes sense, then they can apply it immediately.

Business Ready Programmes

We see our role to make our clients lives easier, to give them more choice, raise awareness, free time and space to perform. This is why we also support our clients beyond programme design and delivery. Our clients only need provide contact details, then we provide a seamless experience. We source and book venues, send out introductions and set personal expectations to each individual who’s down to attend, along with a invitation with everything they need to know prior to turning up for their programme. We design, provide and deliver all of the learning resources needed. We ensure a professional, smooth experience.

Facilitation & Delivery

After spending time with our clients, we know their business and what makes them unique. This enables our programme design to be robust, realistic, practical and applicable. We can now take this and deliver it to each audience in a way that’s engaging, credible and authentic. We’re not there to preach, nor to force behaviour. Our job is to share thoughts, insights and experience that people can relate to, identify with. Only then can we offer suggestions, present opportunities for people to see things differently, to improve, to learn, to gain clarity and understanding. Our programmes are not there to force people to change. They are to show people that there is always an alternative, there is always more then one door to walk through, along with the benefits of choosing to do so.

Inform & Report

Deciding to implement a Learning and Development programme for any business is a huge commitment, no matter if it’s a 90 minute bitesize session to a week long intervention. It takes time, effort and energy, as well as resources and finances. For all of this commitment, our clients expect to know what everyone intends to do, what to expect for their investment. We ensure that we share all of the successes along with the challenges that were overcome. We gather examples, research and evidence from each programme so performance and behaviours can be measured. We will always maintain confidentiality for individuals, but we make sure that our clients know what to expect, so they can support, adapt, even change to meet the needs of their people. All of this is key so that learning becomes embedded and not lost after the programme finishes.