My Dad’s a straight talking, no nonsense engineer. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out his parenting style.

When I got my first car, a bit of advice, well not so much advice, more instruction, was never let the fuel light come on. If it’s on, means crap in the tank is now being pumped around the system, impacting performance.

That ‘advice’ makes me think about how many times we let our light come on.

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I’ve noticed friends on social media who seem to justify what they’re doing at the moment. ‘Met a friend, I was socially distanced!’ ‘Went to see my Mum, I stayed outside!’ It’s got me wondering why & I think I know.

Fear of criticism & a lack of trust.

What’s happened to some of us this past year? Some take great delight in commenting negatively about others. Why?

Well unfortunately,

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Be a Probabilist

When things are uncertain, how do you react, what do you do?

You may just accept that it’s unpredictable, need to deal with what’s in front of you. Or you may have a well thought out plan, exactly for this occasion, indeed all occasions.

These tend to be the norm. Well, there’s another way & if you recognise it, you’re known as a Probabilist.

Imagine you’re stood in a square,

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