Self Leadership – focus on your strengths

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way that you carry it.” CS Lewis

We all face challenges. Every day. Some big, some small, but challenges none the less. But what is a challenge?

Challenge can have a negative perception for some. It means burden, adversity, difficulty. Those perceptions may be true, may be false, but they are that person’s reality & that reality is negative.

Your perception, your view of the world, drives your mood & your mood drives your behaviour.

Negative perception, negative mood, negative behaviour.

Avoidance, delay, frustration, sceptical……

Surely you want something different, I bet you do.

So, look at challenge as a positive. Something to deal with, an opportunity to improve.

Ask yourself what’s possible? What can I do? Will it help me?

Focus on the positives, look for those things you can do that you enjoy, that make you feel strong, think strong and behave strong.

See yourself as strong. Remember your successes, your achievements, your great times.

Positive perception, positive mood, positive behaviour. There’s always a load. But you can decide how to carry it. Remember that.

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