Leadership Self Efficacy; dealing with adversity

We often think that adversity is a one-off event, so severe it takes every ounce of our focus. It can certainly be that, but it’s one version. It actually comes in many forms.

It impacts some more negatively than others. Same event, different perspectives. Some struggle, some flow through.

It seems risky to some, paralysing them, but for others, hardly makes them pause.

It has no plan or schedule. It’s totally unpredictable.

If we don’t know its impact, the risks or when it will strike, how are we supposed to deal with it? It’s all about the positives;

Focus on positives, enabling you to move forwards, to feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Negatives are there, accept that. However a focus on the positives improves your perception of what’s happening.

Surround yourself with people & things that give you satisfaction, fun & safety.

Speak to friends & family, develop skills, solve parts of problems rather than the whole, set goals of quick wins & do things you love.

Adversity is like the weather. Always there, constantly changing & taking new forms.

So accept that & chose the positives. Raining? Wear a coat. Adversity? Ask what CAN I do.

Eventually you’ll be able to deal with whatever adversity throws at you.

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