The essential ingredient of trust

My Grandad would always say that a bacon sandwich without brown sauce isn’t a bacon sandwich. “Brown sauce boy,” he would say, “is essential.”

I love that. The thought that something can make another even better. That it’s essential to bringing out the very best.

Well for me, Trust, is one of those essential ingredients.

Think of relationships, jobs, decisions, ideas. Now imagine them without Trust.

Trust is an essential ingredient to most things, if not all. So how do you build it & how do you maintain it?

1. Always give your trust – demonstrate it from the beginning, you’ll see a better version of people.

2. Build your credibility – the more you know, the more people will trust your opinion, advice and ideas, be a role model.

3. Be reliable – keep your promises & commitments, be there for people.

4. Understand others – find out what’s important to people, their values, interests, motivators and inspirations.

Like my Grandad thought, there’s no secret to a bacon sandwich. The ingredient that makes it the best is brown sauce.

It’s the same for most things. There’s no secret to relationships, jobs, decisions & ideas but there is an essential ingredient that makes them so much better.

It’s Trust.

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