Leadership; Personal Resilience

Things just don’t seem to be improving, it’s tough for so many reasons for so many people. We are tapping into our inner resources so much & we’re all aware of the word resilience even more so than before. So what is resilience?

Well there’s so many different definitions & contexts, so for this let’s go with;

“leaning into yourself or others during times of difficulty so that you can become stronger”

Here’s some tips on how to do that personally;

1. Build your knowledge – the more you know about the difficulty the more you understand

2. Manage your emotions – be aware of your mood, question & change it to be useful

3. Build your optimism – respond less negatively to difficulty, so you can be more flexible & show more positivity, which attracts more people to help you

4. Accept it’s difficult – ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, recognising it generates solutions

Resilience is the new black at the moment, but in reality we need it every day, even the normal ones.

Try these, they won’t make the difficulty disappear, but they will make you more able to deal with it & who knows, it may become a doddle to deal with in future.

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