Don’t like Mondays?

What is it about Mondays that people just don’t like? I can only assume that it’s because it’s the first day back at work after the weekend. Two days of doing things with friends and family, not having to set an alarm clock, not having to go to work full stop.

It does make me wonder though, how much of Sunday is affected by people counting down the hours till the dreaded Monday. So maybe two days of doing things with family and friends becomes one and a half. Sound familiar?

Also the trip into work on Monday mornings must be sole destroying for these people. The thought of what they are going to do that day along with the thought of what they have done over the weekend, that they now can’t do for five whole days. Sound familiar?

Hey, life’s about choice and I always encourage people to make choices for themselves, cause if they don’t someone else will on their behalf. I’m just questioning the choice of making Monday the bad guy. It’s like Mondays the villain of the week, Tuesdays a bit boring, Wednesday is nearly there, Thursday is the light at the end of the tunnel and Friday is the doorway to heaven.

What has Monday done to anyone? It’s not their fault, they didn’t ask to be called Monday and they didn’t ask to be the weekly equivalent of Boxing Day. I think it’s time to give Monday a break.

How about this week you bound into Monday? Look at it as the start of what will be a fantastic week. It’s the day that your life starts. It’s the first step on your thousand-mile journey. It’s the day where your energy is the highest, your enthusiasm is infectious and you appetite for success the strongest.

Let’s give Monday a great name.


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