Working as a team is hard. A lot of the time it would be so much easier just to do your own thing.

In a team you have to stop doing what you want to do just to fit in. It can also mean having to work with people you don’t really like. When you’re performing at your best and others aren’t, then you can feel constrained, hemmed in, trying to get them up to speed, developing team spirit. The speed of success can be limited by the most reluctant or least skilled team member.

So why do we work so hard to create and produce highly effective teams? Well because a team can accomplish things that no one on their own could, however much we’d like to, we can’t implement everything on our own. Working as a team we also increase our potential to succeed, because at those times we’re not at our best, the team will enable those things to get done. We can learn from others in a team, we have access to more experience and references collectively. Teamwork will give you the competitive advantage.

Practical & Applicable

We will show you how to build and develop an effective, cohesive team. We’ll show you the advantages of a common goal, setting aside personal agendas, how to agree to behaviours and understand differences, how to deal with challenges, create that team spirit, those relationships and the fun.

Programme Design & Format

Our Team programmes run from 1-day interventions through to year long modular based learning, coaching and project work. We can work with you from the formation of your team all the way through to performance objectives, even dealing with team conflict both internally and externally.