Let’s be honest, Presenting is hard to do. When we say ‘do’ we mean get it right first time, every time.

No matter how experienced you are, how qualified you are, there’s always that sense of apprehension, that feeling in your stomach, the drying of the mouth, whether seconds before you stand up or the weeks leading up to doing so. Sound familiar? Well those little reactions have a big impact on your audience.

You become dull, grey and forgettable. The reason for this is that you become overly cautious, play it safe hiding behind bullet points in a darkened room to avoid attention, you over think and put in barriers, make excuses. But it wasn’t always this way. When you were younger you loved to share your stories, unfiltered, exciting, confident and authentic. People listened, it didn’t matter that you were a child. Just somewhere along the way you became boring.

Practical & Applicable

Our Presenting programmes are designed for both the experienced presenter to the first timer. You’ll find your freshness again or discover your inner superstar. We’ll help you deliver the true essence of your message whether in a face-to-face conversation or standing up at the company conference. You’ll be confident, engaging, have integrity and be authentic through simple, clear, honest and passionate messages. You’ll discover how to make design enable you to be a fantastic presenter, knowing what to include and what to delete. Next time you present, you’ll be memorable for the right reasons.

Programme Design & Format

Our Presenting programmes are highly practical and instantly applicable, with lot’s of opportunity to practice, practice, practice. We’ll support you every step of the way with coaching and advice. You’ll not get the cheesy role-play treatment here; this is about helping you succeed. Our programmes can range from a 1-day intervention through to 3 day intense business focused solutions, all whilst receiving individual support and coaching.