If no one knows who you are then how can you expect to make a difference? It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

We all have that need to feel unique, to believe that we make a difference. Our time is limited so everyone wants to make the most of it. However some make more of it than others. It’s not easy to be different. It’s not easy to make an impact.

Well, here’s the secret. Everyone can have it, be remembered, have an impact, create a difference. Best of all, all of this can be learnt. Personal Impact is about staying in peoples memories for the right reasons, for great reasons. It’s about challenging they way you see yourself, enabling you to make different decisions, choosing your attitude in any circumstance, choosing to thrive, understanding before trying to be understood. These things will start you on the path to being remembered and fulfilling your Impact potential.

Practical & Applicable

Our Personal Impact programmes are designed for everyone from new starters to experienced leaders and managers, from graduates to executives. You’ll discover the secrets to presence, build your confidence to engage and influence. This isn’t about becoming somebody else, this is about taking the skills you have that you’re not leveraging at the moment and putting them to great use. Get ready to stand out.

Programme Design & Format

Our programmes are highly practical and instantly applicable, which is so important if you want to increase your ability to influence, to be remembered. As soon as you finish you want to be able to turn up the volume and our programmes allow you to do that. We’ll stretch you, develop you and present alternatives that you can practice in a safe environment. Ranging from hour long coaching sessions to day long programmes, we’ll find the right solution to help you achieve more.