Our online programmes offer everything from bursts of learning through to self managed courses, all fully supported by experts.

When it comes to developing the people in your organisation, the choice whether to engage in it or not almost always leads to doing it. However, sometimes there are obstacles in the way. Finance, availability, layers of people out of the business at the same time. These things don’t always get in the way, but can impact on learning and decisions made regarding it at times.

If at those times you need flexibility of access then online learning is for you. You can join our online courses from anywhere in the world, reaching an unlimited number of employees, remote locations and complex organisational structures. As long as there are great resources, world class support and engaging presentation, then there is the potential for time and cost effectiveness.

Practical & Applicable

Choose from short live online courses for individuals and teams with bespoke content led by an expert facilitator or self managed flexible courses that allow you to work through engaging activities and challenges at your pace all with the support of a dedicated learning manager.

Programme Design & Format

Our online courses vary from live 1 hour sessions through to year long self guided interventions. We have a range of courses for individual, team and organisational team development, introductory and advanced options, all with the ability to be adapted to meet unique and specific needs.