Can you juggle? Strange question we know, but an important one when it comes to coaching.

If you can, then we’re jealous, but just because you can doesn’t mean you could coach us. There are so many people out there who are fantastic at a task, but couldn’t coach it. They can’t break down the process, they can’t identify the specific problems, they get frustrated because it’s obvious to them. High performance yes, but ability to pass on the knowledge, no.

If an organisation or individual is to get the best from coaching then they really need to understand the benefits of it. Too often coaching is used as a performance management tool and research shows that over 40% of organisations do this.  They’re missing an opportunity. They’re missing the point.

Practical & Applicable

Coaching is about belief. The belief that people can demonstrate ability, desire and motivation. It helps develop people’s skills so day to day performance improves and results at work escalate along with the impact it has on people’s personal life. Only 25% of organisations use coaching this way, why don’t you add to that number? We have worked with some of the world’s leading organisations through to smaller, independent providers coaching individuals to transform their performance, reach new peaks of achievement and accomplish things previously thought impossible.

Programme Design & Format

Our experience helps us to recognise what it is a person needs in any given moment, with any given task and choosing the style that best supports them. We’ll open lots of doors, you decide which one you go through, but we won’t let you learn by failure, that’s not coaching, that’s not useful. We don’t have a set format for our coaching programmes, they are designed to fit the individual.