Sometimes taking a day out is hard, but not developing or progressing hits harder. Short on time doesn’t have to mean short on performance.

We live in a fast moving society with everything we need at our finger tips. What we want, we can get almost instantly. We know that, you know that. Your people know that and your customers know that too. All of this speed can mean it’s tough to get all of your people in the same place at the same time and even tougher still to take them out of the business for a whole day. Wouldn’t it be great if your people could get a days worth of techniques and tips in just 90 minutes? Well they can.

We have suite of 90 minute impact programmes for you to chose from including; Coaching, Giving & Receiving Feedback, Interview Techniques, Presentations, Mentoring, Personal Development Reviews, Objective Setting, Difficult Conversations, Thinking Styles, State Management, Solution Sales, Engagement, High Performing Teams, Influence, Customer Service, Retail Impact, Leadership.

Practical & Applicable

Our 90 minute impact programmes are designed for everyone from new starters to experienced leaders and managers, from graduates to executives. They are designed to challenge the way that people think about their performance. They are action packed and instantly applicable back in the work place. Each programme will bring even greater clarity and understanding to peoples actions, decisions and behaviours.

Programme Design & Format

These programmes are highly practical and applicable, each being heavily researched and using tried and tested methodology. They are equally effective as a stand alone programme or as part of a suite of offerings. They can be taken in quick succession or over a longer period of time. They offer the perfect solution to any fast paced environment.